A commercial lender, Abington Emerson Capital, offers short-term bridge loans to small and mid-sized businesses in a variety of industries. We customize loans to meet borrowers’ individual needs or business demands. Our financing products include purchase order financing, contract financing and project financing.

Abington Emerson Capital brings a unique approach to lending that allows us to work with companies that are experiencing disruption to their cash flow, cannot obtain financing due to unbankable credit or have only been in business for a limited time. Abington Emerson Capital provides business owners with simple, streamlined financing solutions.

Our responsive underwriting process and flexible loan products provide businesses with limited access to traditional commercial loans a viable option for obtaining the capital they need to meet liquidity needs. Abington Emerson Capital is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, and lends to small and mid-sized businesses operating in all 50 states.

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